Musgrove speaks at Rotary
     Governor Ronnie Musgrove was the program speaker at the Cleveland Rotary Club on October 30. The Governor spoke about issues ranging from education to the economy. He stated that even though the national recession has impacted our state, Mississippi has redirected its strategy to overcome the challenges currently being faced. "We absolutely can not lose sight of the fact that the economy is the foundation and the engine that drives our nation," stated Musgrove. Musgrove stressed the importance of creating new jobs throughout the state, saying that employment diversification is the key to building a strong state economy.

Rotary President, Keith Fulcher, presents the Governor with tokens of the groups appreciation.

The Hotel Grover: a landmark of Bolivar County
     Built in 1926-1927, the Hotel Grover stands as a proud reminder of the rich history of Bolivar County. The Hotel, which was named after Cleveland's namesake Grover Cleveland, was once called the "Delta's First Skyscraper." The structure itself consists of five stories, around 100 rooms, and about 20,000 square feet. The building has survived many transitions over the years, including a name change in the 50's, when it became known as The Downtown Hotel. In 1995, the City of Cleveland purchased the building and performed various restorations, the most recent of which was a new roof. Today, however, despite a number of feasibility studies and several restoration ideas, the Hotel Grover stands vacant, awaiting the promise of tomorrow.

Top: Hotel Grover (circa 1950)
Bottom: Hotel Grover today

North Delta Greenwings holds Annual Conservation Day
     North Delta Greenwings recently held their Annual Conservation Day on Saturday, October 26, 2002. The event took place at Infolab Farms on Island 66. This Annual Conservation Day hopes to provide children with the information needed to become both informed and ethical hunters, while having fun. This year's guest speakers included Danny Tompkins and Megan Ellis, both with the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, as well as Chuck Hudson of the Bow Shop in Cleveland. In addition to the speakers, the children participated in a variety of outdoor activities and demonstrations. Several Prizes were presented at the event including autographed duck calls by Greg Hood and a .22 caliber rifle.

Chuck Hudson of the Bow Shop gives a presentation at North Delta Greenwings Conservation Day.
Pictured above are the Duck Calling contest winners from Saturday's North Delta Greenwings Conservation Day.

From left to right: Ryan Redditt, 3rd place, Cleveland,. Kirk Malatesta, 2nd place, Clarksdale, Chase Aguzzi, 1st place, Cleveland, Randy Sewall, State Greenwing Chairman. They are proudly showing their prizes which were donated and autographed by Greg Hood of Southern Game Calls.

Concordia: one of Bolivar County's first settlements
     The old town of Concordia, which resided about two and a half miles north of Gunnison and a half mile off highway 1, was one of the original settlements in Bolivar County. The town formed as a result of Carson's landing which sat just to the north of the settlement, and combined with the village around 1866 to form the official town of Concordia. Concordia was known for its colorful atmosphere and flourished until 1879 when around half of the population was wiped out by yellow fever. In 1889, when a new railway system failed to include Concordia in its path, the city was quickly abandoned and many of the residents moved to the area that would later become Gunnison. Today, very little remains of the city of Concordia, except for the oldest graveyard in Bolivar County. In this graveyard rest many of Bolivar County's first residents.

Concordia cemetary

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History and Culture of MS Delta Class
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The Delta vs. The Hills:
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"The Good Woman of Setzuan"
Tuesday November 05,7:30 PM
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Brass Chamber Ensemble Concert
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GREENVILLE at Winterville Mounds (662) 334-4684

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Delta State University.

Sat., Nov. 2, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Native American Cooking,
demonstrated by Winterville Mounds archaeologist
John Sullivan and Chickasaw Nation member Donna Rauche.

DSU Art Faculty Exhibition:
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