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April 17, 2024

Bell Academy New Court

Addition courtesy of Timbo’s Construction


The Bolivar Bullet

There’s quite a bit of fresh, new concrete at Bell Academy – thanks to Timbo’s Construction. The new outdoor basketball court is part of the school’s healthy vision for students and staff. As a Health School Award winner from Blue Cross Blue Shield, the BCBS Award allowed them to make improvements around the school. But, when PE Instructor Joyce Aycock wanted a little more play space for her classes, she decided to get a quote for a 50-feet by 50-feet area of concrete. 

“We’ve been trying to figure out a way to get enough money to lay concrete for a basketball court because we had so many other needs,” said Aycock.

The BCBS award gave the school enough for some other campus projects. With no restriction on the monies, the school could use the remainder for concrete for the court. That’s when Aycock contacted Timbo’s Construction to give her a quote.

“A representative from the construction company came to the campus look at the project. I received  a phone call the next day stating that they just wanted to lay the basketball court for us,” she said. “That freed up money for us to put down a little sidewalk we needed to help us with our PE Program and to help the recess teachers to have access around the track. We’re going to have four basketball goals put up around the court. Then we’ll paint a sensory path onto the concrete and we’ll paint some 4-Square – anything to help with the kids movement at recess.”

Aycock has been at the school for the past seven years and is excited for the new court and all the opportunities for the students. 

“We’re so thankful for our community that keeps us thriving,” she said.

Tiffanie Russell, Bell Academy Principal, explained the whole student body and staff were able to put their mark on the project. 

“Every staff member and every student at Bell put their hand print around the perimeter of the basketball court,” said Russell. “We said that was how we left our mark and showed our commitment to physical activity and health for students at Bell. I’m fortunate to have a knowledgeable go-getter in my PE Coach. She’s not afraid to do anything or go ask for anything. She’s been resourceful in the things she can teach our children.”

The BCBS Award monies was also spent on a school garden and enhancing the overall PE Program.

“There were things we wanted to do and we were trying to figure out the best way to spend the money,” said Russell. “When Timbo’s construction offered to do the basketball court and donate it to us at no cost, we definitely agreed.”

Russell explained the school is committed to helping kids become healthy adults.

“Teaching them to be physically active helps them be not only be physically fit students, but also carry these healthy habits into adulthood,” she said. “And, we also want to express our thanks to Timbo’s Construction and the community who are willing to support our vision and keep us going.”