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April 19, 2024

CSD Superintendent

Longtime educator Lisa Bramuchi will lead district
By Mark H. Stowers
The Bolivar Bullet

The Cleveland School District Board has unanimously named Dr. Lisa Bramuchi as the full-time CSD Superintendent and awarded her a multi-year contract. Bramuchi had been filling in since Superintendent Otha Belcher stepped down last September.
CCD Board member Paulette Howze confirmed the news.
“In our last board meeting, we had a 5-0 vote to name her Superintendent for the upcoming school year,” said Howze. “She has been doing a great job. She keeps the board informed on things happening in the district. We are moving forward with projects that were in place beforehand. She’s making sure people are our monitoring the work going on and we are pleased about that and we have the utmost confidence in her leadership team.”
Bramuchi is excited to have the interim status removed and sees the promotion as a stamp of approval on her team and not just her.
“I felt like the team we have in place works together creating good leadership the district level. The team is very cohesive and I felt like it wasn’t just about me, but the school board was comfortable with what our team is doing to lead the district right direction,” she said. “It wasn’t about only me, it’s about all of us.”
Her goals include, “We have a list of goals moving forward, one of which is helping improve the schools from the ground up,” said Bramuchi. “We’ve been trimming trees, have a three million dollar restroom improvement project going on, and we are still waiting on our air conditioners that will be delivered in November. That project was started before I came on board and supply chain issues created a delay. We are putting in heat/cool window units so we won’t have to start the school year off in the heat.”
Bramuchi also noted, “for me personally, I want people to pay taxes and not tuition and come back to the public schools and recognize it’s a great place to get a quality education.”
Other improvements include roofing projects and cafeteria renovations.
Her leadership team’s hashtag is #committed.
“We’re all committed to making the Cleveland School District the best it can be.”
The district had nearly 3,000 students enrolled this past year.