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April 19, 2024

Tuck’s Legendary Grubz

A catering & private dining experience in Cleveland

by Angela Rogalski

The Bolivar Bullet

When you have a passion for food, what do you do? You open up your own catering and private dining business, of course. And, that’s just what 26-year-old entrepreneur Chef LaDarius Tucker did in September 2020 and Tuck’s Legendary Grubz was born.

“I was working in  Southaven as a police officer,” said Tucker, “a career I actually began in Cleveland in 2017,  but I have an extreme passion for cooking and making people smile when they eat my food. I learned the kitchen arts from my mother and my grandmother, so I’ve been cooking all of my life. And I’ve observed many styles of preparing food in different restaurants, along with having a very close friend who is a chef. So, I’ve incorporated much of what I’ve learned into my own skill set.”

Tucker prides himself on bringing that fine dining experience to his clients as he comes into a person’s kitchen and home and sets everything up.

“If someone calls and books an evening with us, I go over the menu with them and determine what type of meal they’re wanting,” he said. “I set up their dining table with the wine and glasses and everything needed, then I actually turn their kitchen and dining area into that special restaurant ambiance that they’re expecting. And I am their personal chef. I do all the cooking and serving myself, unless it’s a larger event and then of course I have servers with me.”

Tucker said the menus he prepares covers most everything, from fish to lamb to chicken. “I can pretty much do anything a customer wants for their meal. And, as far as my catering business, it’s the same experience, just on a larger scale.”

Tucker added that he covers Cleveland and surrounding areas, as long as the building being used has a kitchen where the food can be prepared.

“I prepare all the food on-site, so a kitchen is a must,” he added. 

Tucker said that even with the pandemic happening, his business is flourishing because many people are still hesitant about going out.

“It actually took off better than I expected, and I really do more private dining than anything else, because people seem to prefer eating at home instead of going out to a restaurant. When you can give them good, quality food and bring that restaurant experience to them, it’s a win/win situation.”

Tucker offered a sample menu of meals he prepares and that his clients really love.

“I do a stuffed salmon, loaded with cream cheese, spinach and andouille sausage that is very popular,” he said. “I also specialize in lamb chops, which isn’t a meat that is as prevalent in this area, but I had the luxury of experiencing lamb years ago and decided to bring it home to this area, with a southern flair, and people are loving it. I love doing a variety of menus.”

For more information on Tuck’s Legendary Grubz or to book an evening with Chef Tucker, visit his website: www.tuckslegendarygrubz.com or his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Tucks-Legendary-Grubz