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July 16, 2024

Firearms Reduced

Weapons taken off streets

By Faith Strong, The Bolivar Bullet

Cleveland Police Chief Dudley Tribble said that 49 firearms were taken off the streets of Cleveland in 2023.

“Those 49 firearms were associated with different crimes,” said Tribble. “And, the court forfeited all of those firearms to the Cleveland Police Department.”

Tribble said should the Department decide to sell the guns, the proceeds can only be used for one thing.

“The money can only be used to purchase bulletproof vests for the officers,” he said. “And, that’s mandated by state law.”

Tribble said the crimes the guns came from were varied.

“Possession of narcotics,” he listed. “Carrying a concealed weapon to possession of stolen weapons. And if the rightful owner was known, the weapon was returned.”

Tribble said hopefully 2024 will be just as productive.

“That’s our goal here at the police department. We want Cleveland to be the safest city around. And we vow to make that happen.”,