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April 19, 2024

Fireman’s Park

Renovations and updates complete

By Angela Rogalski

The Bolivar Bullet

Additional lighting has been added to the Pavilion at Fireman’s Park in both the front and back areas. Jason Woods is director of Parks and Recreation with the City of Cleveland and said flood lights have been added to both ends of the Pavilion so the parking lot is well-lit and visible. 

“Along with the parking lot, the new lighting also illuminates the playground area there,” said Woods. “We also updated the lighting beneath the Pavilion and with all this extra lighting we feel it will be safer at night.”

Woods said along with the Pavilion, the tennis courts have also had lighting updates added and new fencing has been erected around the wading pool area. . 

“Lighting updates to the tennis courts has been done within the last month,” he said. “And, new fencing was put up around the wading pool. We tore down the chain link fence and put up a decorative black fence around the wading pool area. Before we open back up next summer, we’ll be pressure-washing and  repainting that pool as well to make it look really good.”

Woods said the Pavilion lighting updates were done in the 2020-2021 budget and cost $3,955. 

“So far in this fiscal year, which started in October, to upgrade the tennis courts lights was $13,230 and the fencing around the wading pool at Firemans Park was $6,826.50. Then we’ll repaint the wading pool sometime before we open in the summertime and the cost should be minimal for that.”

Woods added the budget for the tennis courts, with engineering fees included, was approved in September 2021 at $51,169.80 because the lighting was just one part of it. 

“We’re also going to erect all new fencing around the courts and we’ll resurface those courts as well,” he said. “And, that should be done sometime in the spring when the weather is better, so by summer it should all be done, which will complete the renovations to the tennis courts”