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June 19, 2024

Flatland Catering

Brother and sister owners “do it all”

by Jack Criss

The Bolivar Bullet

The restaurant business and cooking–are in the genes for Heesy Holder and Seth Vance. Now, the two have gone into business together as co-owners of the new Flatland Catering in Cleveland, which recently opened in mid-May.

Growing up working in their father’s famous restaurant, The Airport Grocery, Holder and Vance saw their own niche in the catering business and decided to make a go at it. The results so far have been impressive, they say.

“We can literally do it all,” said Vance, who also owns Vance’s Meat and Grocery in Cleveland. “Depending on what the customer wants and the size of the event catered, Flatland can handle it. And, we’ve been pleased with the response and the work we’ve been doing. The feedback has been really strong–our calendar has been full and we’ve got several events on the books for the next few months.”

“Seth and I had always wanted to work together with our own business,” said Holder. “And, we saw Flatland Catering as the perfect fit and opportunity. We did grow up in the food business and there’s really no food item we can’t deliver, from the most casual to the most upscale. People can ask for options and we’re then able to cater whatever they want, or we can also propose options to them depending on the event itself and its size–from five people to 500 people. And, we cook everything ourselves.”

While, thus far, Flatland Catering has worked mainly with Delta clients, if the order is sizable enough, Vance said distance is not an issue. 

“We’ll deliver to Nashville if we need to and the demand is big enough!” he laughed. 

“We can also deliver the entire catering experience, from set up to clean up to staffing and beverages, with the exception of alcohol,” added Holder. “Whatever the client wants–even down to the tablecloths.” 

Pricing depends on the number of people at an event and the food desired, the two said. 

Holder said staffing has not been an issue for Flatland Catering and that resumes come in regularly, avoiding a problem that has hit many other businesses in the food and hospitality field. 

Flatland Catering’s Facebook page just went live and Holder and Vance said customers can ask questions or even book services online through FB Messenger. 

“We want people to know that we will work for everybody and take care of every type of event,” said Vance. “Nothing too small or too big–we can make it happen and work for the client.”

For more information on Flatland Catering, or to book their services, call Heesy Holder at 662-588-3143 or Seth Vance at 662-719-6600.