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May 21, 2024

Pinkerton Woodworks

A hobby that turned into a business.

His pieces are bold, sturdy and classic. What Cleveland resident Doug Pinkerton started off as a creative outlet has turned into a small business of sorts with tons of happy customers and numerous and challenging new orders. It is an old world craft – wood working – but Pinkerton just picked it up, full of natural talent with an eye for precision.

“I guess I would say that I am self-taught,” said Pinkerton. “I have always enjoyed making things with my own hands and fixing things myself.  A couple of years ago I made a coffee table for Lisa.  Then, I made a buffet piece to put in the living room and several people asked about them and where I got them. Once I told them I made the pieces myself, they asked if I would make them one and I guess it all started from there. I have made several things for people over the last couple of years, but the idea of my business started in March.”

It’s all thanks to Covid-19. “My son Zach and I went to Kenya in March and a crazy thing called COVID-19 happened and when we got home we were told we had to quarantine for 14 days,” he added. “Well, I don’t quarantine well and had to find something to do, so my shop was the answer.  I made a few pieces of furniture and candle holders and posted some pictures on FB and got several responses and orders.  Posted more pics and received more orders and I was starting to think that I may have something here.  I talked with Lisa and prayed about it for a while and decided to go ahead and come up with a name and logo. Once we had it, I put a big post on Facebook with pics of most of the things I have made and I have been blessed with many responses and orders.”

Pinkerton not only enjoys working with his hands, he loves being challenged and figuring out the best way to create each piece, simple or more taxing. 

“The toughest project I have had so far was the first swing and stand that I made for my friend, Kay Saia. It was the first one I have made and it was a true learning experience,” he explained. “Other things I have been making are:  kitchen islands, tables, buffets, end tables, picnic tables, banquettes, candle holders/bases, crosses, churches, coffee bars, benches, patio tables, corn holes sets, offering boxes, patio benches, and more.  I usually talk to the customer and we discuss the design and colors, and I make it.  I get calls to make things and I just tell them to send me a pic of what they want and if I can make it, I will. My stuff is sort of rustic and I like it that way.”

Pinkerton finds solace in his shop and enjoys some quiet time with a task at hand.

“My shop is my get away and I love what I am doing. It’s just me and my dog, Jaz, and my tools,” he said.  “My wife, Lisa, has been very supportive and a big help with double checking my projects. I rely a lot on her opinion and ideas as well. I have a friend Kyle Partridge that comes and helps me some in the shop and he has been a great help. I am definitely still learning and I have got a long way to go, but everyone has been happy with the projects that I have made for them and that I really enjoy this. Seeing people smile when they see the final product…  Most of the furniture you find in the big stores is not real wood anymore and is expensive. I feel that I am making a quality, hand-made product and at a reasonable price. To me that is important and hopefully will create return customers and publicity. I am sure my stuff is not for everyone and that is just fine.”  

Pinkerton’s plans are to continue wood working. “Hopefully, it will be my after-retirement job. I have been blown away with the positive responses from people the orders that have been placed. One lady from Starkville called the other day and has ordered six different pieces! It truly is a blessing and I hope that God will bless it.”

Pinkerton is working on a Facebook page and hopefully he hopes to have it up and running soon. In the meantime, message him on his personal Facebook for any questions or possible orders.

By Aimee Robinette

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