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September 29, 2023

MS Juice Company

Providing healthy and delicious meal choices

by  Amile Wilson

The Bolivar Bullet

Looking for a healthy, all-natural meal with zero additives or preservatives? Then, MS Juice Company at 703 W Sunflower Road is your stop. 

Located across from the Grammy Museum, MS Juice Company opened its doors January 19 and has had a steady stream of customers looking for healthy options. 

Inspired by her own health story, owner Karen Giesbrecht opened MS Juice Company after seeing so many people trying to take control of their own health in the post-COVID world.

“Everything we make is made with whole foods – fruits and vegetables,” she said. “We try to help sneak in the vegetables to make sure we get the five-a-day we need.” 

MS Juice Company is more than just fresh squeezed juices. Their smoothie bowls – thick smoothies covered with fruit, seeds and other toppings – were a huge hit at Cleveland Restaurant Week. This week, the company also introduced a line of fresh, healthy “toasts” such as avocado toast, hummus toast, and peanut or almond butter and banana toast. 

“I want to be clear we’re not a health-food store,” said Giesbrecht. “People get certain ideas when you call something health-food. Everything we do is designed to taste good.”

Giesbrecht’s concern for eating healthy stems back 20 years to her diagnosis with Lupus. 

“I didn’t want to go down the path of taking pills, so I started researching alternatives,” she said. Through significant diet changes, including juicing, Giesbrecht was able to eliminate her joint pain. Subsequent tests for Lupus came back negative.

“We aren’t making medical claims,” said Giesbrecht. “But, we know sometimes people just don’t feel good and it’s because they’re missing vitamins and minerals.” 

Part of the mission of MS Juice Company is to provide education to help people make healthier choices and understand the connection between food and general health, and even about the specific vitamins and minerals that different foods contain. 

For questions or to-go orders call 662-400-3060.