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February 3, 2023

D.J. Williams

Local Alfa Insurance agent

by Angela Rogalski

The Bolivar Bullet

Helping people find the insurance they need to fit their particular lifestyle is what D.J. Williams said he loves about his job. Williams is the Alfa Insurance agent for Cleveland and has been with the company for almost four years.

“I came on with Alfa in December 2018,” said Williams. “I actually became the Cleveland agent in April 2019. I had worked with Allstate prior to coming to work for Alfa in my hometown of Greenville in 2012 and worked there for about two years. After that I moved to Cleveland and managed the Allstate agency here until coming to Alfa. Currently I’m the only Alfa agent here. I do have a secretary/salesperson who works with me, but I’m the only agent for now. My goal is to eventually have an associate agent who works with me,”

Williams said what he likes about Alfa is they do everything in the realms of insurance except health coverage, and have many options for customers.

“The good thing about the way we work as opposed to many other companies is we do auto, property, commercial and life insurance with Alfa, but we also have the option to write other companies outside of Alfa, such as Progressive, Foremost; just some different companies to give us other options. Some customers may not fit the Alfa product at that particular time, so we have other outlets for them to choose from. We have a market for just about anyone who needs insurance.”

Williams said his motivation and enjoyment for his job comes from that ability to help people.

“That’s one reason I like working for Alfa,” he added. “Anybody who walks through the door we can just about help. Say you have a customer who comes in and maybe hasn’t had insurance for a while; maybe they just bought a new car, many large companies increase the rates for those customers. So having other outlets outside of Alfa to help those customers and offer them a better option is great. That’s what I like about it. Because you know those customers are going to shop around, so being able to give them more than one price under my roof is exceptional. And when they can have a local agent too, it makes it so much better, especially when you have questions or need to file a claim. That’s a service that sometimes you can’t get from a 1-800 number.”

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