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January 28, 2023

Best Hands

Full-service mobile detailing & pressure washing company

By Jack Criss

The Bolivar Bullet

If you’ve recently spotted a sparkling clean office building, car or just about anyplace that looked particularly noticeable, it’s probably a good bet that that brand new look came from Best Hands.

Greenville-native Michael Harps, owner of Best Hands–a full-service mobile detailing and pressure washing company–says his company can do just about any cleaning job, anywhere. “We cover most all of the Delta, including a lot of work in Cleveland, and go up as far as Southaven,” said Harps. “I have a crew of five workers and a good bit of our work is contractual: we’ll do cleaning on a regular basis for that particular business or office. We’ve worked with car lots, hospitals, gas stations–a pretty wide variety of clientele.”

Having started his business ten years ago, after working the previous ten years with another similar company, Harps said Best Hands has grown exponentially over the years and mainly through word of mouth. “I think I’ve built up a good reputation and I certainly have a whole lot of experience,” said Harps. “Plus, we’re customer-friendly–we count all of our customers as friends. That’s why we don’t have a website or do anything on social media. Folks pass our name along to others who need our services. I have fun on the job and I love what I do. People see that and appreciate that, I think.”

Harps said that Best Hands is a mobile service and that he’s never had an office–just his vehicle. “That helps me get to the job quicker,” said Harps, “and it cuts down our costs. We can offer better prices to our customers without all of the overhead. All they have to do is call and I’ll quote them a price over the phone or go to where they are and tell them right upfront what the charges will be.”

Where did the name for the business come from? “It’s funny,” answered Harps. “I was cleaning a car for a customer when I first started out and he said to me, ‘Man, you’ve got the best hands at work I’ve ever seen!” So, that just stuck with me–I liked it and thought it fit.

“I can work on anything that can take water and needs cleaning!” laughed Harps when asked what Best Hands can “touch.” “Truly, there’s no job too small or too big–we’ll be glad to handle whatever the customer wants. I like to say our work speaks for itself. The goal is to make them happy and we’ll do whatever it takes to do that. Please give us a call,” said Harps.  

To do that, Harps and Best Hands can be reached at 662-695-1902

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