June 12, 2020

Future Statesman

Burrell anxious to report to DSU. For athletes to be college caliber, they must have certain intangibles. They not only have to be naturally talented and skilled, but  they also must have the drive, determination and desire to go with the talent. The tools, know-how and work ethic fit Brett Burrell to a tee.  Burrell, […]

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Robinson Electric

Award-winning company serving the Delta. From its founding in 1953 by Howard Robinson until the ice storm of 1994, Robinson Electric was mainly a mom and pop business. But, that major winter event provided an opportunity for the company to serve those in need, meet new customer demands and develop the business. From 1994 to

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Charles Herring

Painting the past for future generations. From the sides of vans and 18-wheelers, to the sides of grain bins and churches, to campaign signs and even the lettering on the famous sign that once hung on the side of Po’ Monkey’s Lounge, folks in the Delta have probably seen the work of artist Charles Herring.

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